WOW! Fox News host Steve Hilton straight-up accuses his Fox News colleague Marie Harf of “covering up the corruption” of the Bidens in Ukraine because she worked at the State Dept during the Obama years.

In 2017 Maria Harf used the same argument from authority to say that the Steele Dossier was not used to obtain a FISA warrant. This was not only wrong, it was exactly the opposite of the truth

Maria Harf is either:

1) Ignorant and talking anyways

2) Ignorant and covering for someone

3) Knowledgeable and covering for someone

No matter what, though, Maria Harf has a history of lying to protect democrats. That she’s on fox news at all should be a fair indicator to you of how badly fox has fallen and has been filled with garbage ‘journalists’ who can’t be trusted to not outright lie to you to protect the left.

Fox News, Maria Harf is a liar and she is your liar, protecting Biden on TV with lies that Fox News now owns.



h/t KrakNup


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