WOW. Never-Trump National Review bending the knee: "Donald Trump was a joke until nominated, unelectable until elected, incompetent until he succeeded on most fronts, and about to be impeached until he debunked the collusion nonsense; he has had a very successful year."

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In the end, his 2017 was quite a success.

Those who are still predicting that Donald Trump will be impeached and removed from office are now like exotic and endangered creatures. It is like an absurdly slow dance, in which the steps are so infrequent and tentative that it is hard to remember how far participants have come since the music started. Two years ago, virtually the entire commentariat, and most of its readers and listeners, were splitting their sides at the gigantic impending farce of the Trump candidacy for the Republican nomination. Eighteen months ago, those same people had almost entirely shifted their immense mirth to the mighty Hillary Clinton avalanche that was already starting to rumble down whatever it was that President Obama renamed Mount McKinley.
The BBC was asking itself (i.e., its viewers, including any Americans watching its World Service) whether Trump was going to pull out then, to avoid the unprecedented thrashing he was about to receive at the polls (which none of the polls, even the more rabidly anti-Trump polls, then predicted). Wacky leftist filmmaker Michael Moore, with the unshakeable confidence in mind-reading that seems never to desert such people, announced that Trump would quit because he never wanted or expected to be nominated, and it was all a joke that had got out of hand.
These were not unrepresentative opinions. Trump was attacking the entire political establishment, the whole Washington sleaze factory, all factions of both parties, all the Bushes, Clintons, and Obama, the national media, the lobbyists, Wall Street, Hollywood, and the limousine Left from the Hamptons to Silicon Valley. Of course the Trump campaign was insane and impossible, and was doomed to be a ludicrous fiasco, a gigantic, comical clown act that misfired horribly.
On Election Night, Nobel prize–winning (for economics) New York Times columnist Paul Krugman said the stock market would “never recover” from the Trump victory. (It has set a new all-time high more than 90 times since.) The alarms about effective Russian intervention in the election and the confected creation of the Trump collusion myth were born with indecent haste. The ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mark Warner of Virginia, was soon solemnly announcing that there had been a thousand Russian agents actively assisting the Trump campaign in key swing states and that they had delivered Wisconsin, a complete fabrication (if he really believed this whopper, I have some oceanside property in Oklahoma to sell him).
A year ago, efforts were still underway on recounts, especially in Wisconsin (which resulted in increasing Trump’s margin of victory by 131 votes), and there was national television advertising, costing millions of dollars, directed at the 306 people who had been chosen to cast Electoral College presidential votes for Trump, to break their pledges. (Seven electors did so and voted for third candidates, but five of the defectors were from Mrs. Clinton.) Plans were underway to disrupt the inauguration, and engage in widespread civil disobedience; the new Democratic National Committee chairman pledged “scorched earth” obstruction; Bruce Springsteen, singing to bemused Antipodeans in Perth, Australia, crooned, “We are the Resistance!”; Madonna (who had generated a slight rise in Trump’s poll numbers by promising to fellate wavering male voters who went for Hillary) spoke of wanting to “blow up the White House.”
Veteran black-activist congressman John Lewis said Trump was “illegitimate,” and the ancient and unfeasible congresswoman Maxine Waters screamed “Impeach 45,” for causes that would become apparent as the process proceeded. Talk shortly turned to that option. As the president and his wife and party left Washington on May 19 for Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican, and Brussels, ABC political commentator Nate Silver rated the chances of impeachment at 25 to 50 percent, and David Gergen — a former assistant to Presidents Reagan and Clinton, and a very knowledgeable man until he joined CNN and was infected by acute Blitzeritis – said, “We are moving into impeachment country.”
A long sequence of crises was fanned by the Trumpophobic media: Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer and the Statue of Liberty were (according to Schumer) weeping over the fate of Yemenis and Libyans not allowed onto aircraft bound for the United States. The president’s expressed thought over the Charlottesville riot — that Antifa and the extreme section of Black Lives Matter that applauded the killing of white policemen might be as odious as the Klan and American neo-Nazis — was proof that Trump was a quasi-genocidal racist and apologist for slavery. Trump virtually dismantled NATO by not specifically mentioning the collective-security clause in his speech there; was signing the death warrant of the planet when he pulled out of the asinine Paris Climate Agreement; was going to blow up the world with Kim Jong Un; and so forth, ad nauseam. And all the while, the Russian-collusion fraud festered and grew, born of Clintonian denial and frenzied finger-pointing, and reinforced by the Steele dossier — a pastiche of scurrilous gossip and malice from the most dubious sources, including in the Kremlin, cited by Mrs. Clinton in her absurd memoir of the election as proof of her opponent’s treason.
She writes how she was betrayed by the country and most people in it, but not by the husband with whom she has enjoyed a storybook Pleasantville marriage. It only emerged after the publication of her book that Mrs. Clinton’s campaign had commissioned the Steele dossier, and had spent $10 million on it from Democratic campaign funds. (According to former party chair Donna Brazile, Mrs. Clinton had rigged the nomination from her rival Bernie Sanders.) The Clinton campaign desperately shopped the Steele dossier to the American media in the last days of the campaign. This was the all-time dirty trick of U.S. political history, and when the rock was lifted and she was exposed as the sponsor of it, Mrs. Clinton instantly switched gears and called it “campaign information.”
This last year, after the year of his nomination and election, has been the second round of Donald Trump’s war to crush and expel the American political establishment. This year he has won over the congressional Republican party, which had almost entirely opposed him, to toil in the enactment of his program. Together they have achieved the greatest tax reform and reduction in over 30 years, largely emasculated Obamacare, put a rod on the backs of those states that elect incompetents like Jerry Brown and the Cuomos and lay the resulting state income taxes off on the whole country, repatriated trillions of dollars of corporate profit, exonerated over half the people from personal income taxes, reduced the return of 80 percent of taxpayers to a postcard, and produced conditions for 4 percent GDP growth next year. The Obama apologetics that a flatlined economy with a shrunken work force and a burgeoning multitude of Medicaid-sedated idleness was the new normal has been debunked; it is the abnormal recent past.
Donald Trump was a joke until nominated, unelectable until elected, incompetent until he succeeded on most fronts, and about to be impeached until he debunked the collusion nonsense; he has had a very successful year. His enemies have been weighed in the balance and they have been found wanting. They shall have their reward. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all readers, especially the president and Mrs. Trump.
Conrad Black’s articles in the National Post are all worth a read.

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It is distressing to read and listen to the nonsense in the Canadian media about Donald Trump. It is too early to predict whether he will be a successful president or not. But no one relying on the Canadian media would be aware that he has more than doubled the economic growth rate, reduced illegal immigration by about 80 per cent, withdrawn from the insane Paris Climate accord, helped add trillions to U.S. stock market values, created nearly two million new jobs, led the rout of ISIL, and gained full Chinese adherence to the unacceptability of North Korean nuclear military capability. He will probably pass the greatest tax cuts and reforms since Reagan, if not Lyndon Johnson, by Christmas, and may throw out the most unpopular feature of Obamacare, the coercive mandate, with it.
He can be a tiresome and implausible public figure at times, and the reservations widely held about him, in the United States and elsewhere, are understandable and not unfounded. He is, however, the most effective U.S. president since Reagan. In the 20 pre-Trump years, over $5 trillion and scores of thousands of American casualties were squandered in Middle East wars (while most Iraqis were handed over to Iranian influence), an immense humanitarian refugee tragedy was provoked, along with the greatest world economic crisis since the 1930s, American GDP per capita growth and capital investment shrunk by 75 per cent, the work force lost over 15 million people, millions of unskilled, illegal migrants were admitted, and the national debt of 233 years of American independence more than doubled in the last seven years of Obama. Those 20 years were the only time of absolute decline in American history, as well as a period of prolonged economic stagnation. Americans, unlike the older great nations of Europe and the Far East, have never experienced such setbacks and stagnation, and don’t like or accept them. It was in these circumstances that this unusual president was elected.

It is distressing to read and listen to the nonsense in the Canadian media about Donald Trump


38 thoughts on “WOW. Never-Trump National Review bending the knee: "Donald Trump was a joke until nominated, unelectable until elected, incompetent until he succeeded on most fronts, and about to be impeached until he debunked the collusion nonsense; he has had a very successful year."

  1. Naaaaw. Hasn’t been THAT successful;
    1. US/Israel/Rothschild-sponsored ISIS lost in Syria to Russia
    2. Amerika’s call for a “coalition against evil Iran’ seems desperate and pathetic – as results prove.
    3. A few good false flags
    4. Failing to start WW3 by constantly sabre-rattling at everyone’s border (well, ‘everyone’ as defined by non-Rothschild banking cartel slaves) despite his/US’s best efforts to provoke a response. All these ‘evil countries’, minding their own business…you know…”threatening our freedom and security”.
    5. Record stock market, funded by printed money, invested in the markets – NOT in the recipient’s companies and corporations. Plus – negative interest rates in Europe forces E into the US dollar.
    6. ‘only’ $21 trillion ‘missing’ so PERHAPS an audit. Meanwhile, a college friend, PARKING CARS for the summer, has had is couple hundred dollars tax refund withheld for – you guessed it – an audit. Seems his sum total haul he raked in of $3000 ‘may not have included all his tips’.
    Woowee. No. I changed my mind. It HAS been a ‘pretty successful year’; NOTHING HAS FUCKING CHANGED.
    What a douchebag article.

  2. His hats should read “MIGA” ….. Making ISRAEL Great Again
    Know WHY?!?!?! Because Trump has made ISRAEL FIRST and pissed on America.
    He has flooded Our government with Foreign Agents and increased our Debt — thus the interest payments to the BANKSTERS.
    This year the BANKSTERS take $276.2 billion from you as “interest” on the National Debt. Here is the Debt Clock – — you can watch it real time. This is at a time of historically low rates ….. what happens when rates go up? Trump is INCREASING the debt, and thus the interest payments ….. NOT paying off the debt. Trump is a MORON.
    Get some FACTS straight …. the DOW, NASDAQ, & S&P are hitting all time highs. Unemployment is supposed to be at all time LOWS. We are supposedly having a glorious upsurge in the economy, If we do not pay off the debt NOW when will we? All this glorious economic news and we still have DEFICITS?! Why do you have to “cut taxes for the already rich” so they will supposedly be inspired to create more jobs …… when everybody is supposedly employed???!! And the true job creation is proven to be by Small Business and financed by Middle Class spending, NOT by millionaires.

    • LOL! When in the history of the US has EVERYBODY been employed? $10 trillion deficit ran up by Obama, no shovel ready jobs like he promised. Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was voted in 1985 but was never implemented but promised by every president since. Only Trump followed through on that. Trump has only been in office not even a year and YOU expect him to pay off the deficit in 1 years time when it has taken us 30 years to run it up? Whose the MORON here? Looks like you are the moron! Trump is the greatest president we have had since Reagan. You’ll be enjoying the benefits of his Presidency once he signs in this long awaited tax bill. Something Obama didn’t have the balls to do. Go Trump! We love you! I got a $20 bill the other day and on the back of it someone stamped “Trump Lives Here!” pointing at the White House. I love it!

      • It is past time to examine the actual Historic Record as to just how long the Jews ever actually “controlled” that land …… they claim they ran there to escape Egypt ….. but the truth is Palestine & Syria were provinces of Egypt at the time …. why would they escape to a province of their pursuers? Because the Bible is FICTION written by people who did not know history …
        According to the Balfour Declaration the “Jewish homeland” is to be located in PALESTINE……. but Jews insist there is NO SUCH THING as PALESTINE ……. therefore Israel is immediately ANNULLED.
        Israel demands the Palestinians “recognize Israel’s right to exist” —-
        How can People that “Do not EXIST” recognize their DENIER’S “right to exist”?!
        Israel DENIES that Palestinians even EXIST!
        Where is Israel’s Recognition of the PALESTINIAN’S EXISTANCE!?
        Palestinian DENIERS are Christ DENIERS.
        Israel is attempting to create a MYTH that the Palestinians “do not exist”
        That is standard “dehumanizing prior to exterminating”
        Israel also DENIES Jesus Christ.
        WHEN Israel acknowledges HIM at all
        Israel calls Jesus “the BASTARD of a Roman soldier and Mary, a PROSTITUTE”
        Israel claims that JESUS is in HELL, boiling in excrement.
        Israel DENIES the Human and Spiritual Equality of NON-Jews with Jews.
        Israel is a HUMANITY DENIER.

        • Enjoy the tax cut! Enjoy not being fined for not having health insurance. Enjoy the raise from your employer. Shall we meet back here a year from now and see just how undevastating the tax cuts were? I see that you swallow the false media koolaid.

          • Showing you complete lack of comprehension, THAT WAS EXACTLY THE POINT.
            You’re all jumping up and down, frothing at the mouth about anyone who’s not thinking Trump is the Messiah – EXACTLY LIKE OBAMA VOTERS WERE.
            I want to see WHAT REALLY HAPPENS. Not ‘good intentions’.
            What dipshit.

          • See how smart I am? I can post neat little images showing how stupid people are…….I am a leader….and want to be a leader of all those stupid people……that makes me king of stupid people…… says Occams.

          • One day you’ll get it. Well…maybe not. There’s STILL a ton of people that want that last traitor back in office.
            “If you think voting changes anything, you don’t understand the problem”

          • First the pedophiles are going to prison…….GOD has been brought back into government…..btw…GOD created government.
            Second…….the ENEMEDIA is pissed off…….that is a great big change for the good. President Trump has made them all look like fools.
            Third…..he makes people like you look like a bunch of wining complainers when the US is making itself better…….I’ve seen many people like you in the past…..they die off with no happiness ever in their life….they are miserable SOB’s…..not saying you are right now….but the path you are taking is going to make you one of those old fools who didn’t know how to take advantage of the good times always looking at the bad.
            Paul Craig Roberts is a fool…..he has not been right on much of anything….and is not even invited back on programs where he was a main stay for many years……people realize that he is just an old CAT guy with too many cats crapping and then putting their disease into his head…..see that here…..
            Keep following PCR and watch as you become paranoid…..I’ve seen so many people follow negative people into a funk that makes them into failures…….get away from it and do what you need to do to Make America Great Again……we need you……

          • Yeah….I know that GOD exists….and you will too when you are standing in front of HIM asking why the hell you are going to hell. That I can guarantee…..if you do not repent. I would much rather meet you in heaven knowing that I had something to do with that……than to know you are in hell…….you do know you are going to die don’t you? We all do……and that the Bible has never been proved wrong…..scientifically or historically. The prophecies that have come true exactly as predicted are now over 1600…….and they are coming true every day…….the chances of that happening are almost impossible…… is like you predicting every sports score and every lottery number in history…….
            But showing now that you hate GOD and think you are a god is now quite evident. You may have been given over to a reprobate mind and might never understand the Bible and what is actually says……that is so sad for you……

          • GOD will not be mocked… will forever remember that……there is no doubt……far greater people than yourself have come to the conclusion that GOD does exist……and you are a fool according to GOD……have a nice life…..foolish one.

          • You see, when you call people names, you’ve already lost the argument. “Dipshit.” Trump is far from being the Messiah unlike black people who thought Obama was the Messiah. You did not make yourself clear sir. good intentions sometimes does not come out as expected. Main stream media makes predictions that never come to be. Liberals do it all the time. Scare tactics that never work. Trump is the gift that keeps on giving. What right has he taken away from anyone? Has he destroyed America as was predicted? No, he’s making it great again! But, many are out to destroy Trump. Those are the ones who are scared to be free.

      • Can’t blame it all on Obama, please. The $2 Trillion missing on, hmmmm lets remember here…9/10/2001! Under Bushjr./Cheney worst Economy since the Great Depression, worst Jobs numbers etc. Much of that many Trillion$ went to the 9/11 Profiteers Club. I know it’s easier to blame the Black President. I get it, racism at is most visible aspect. Now it’s going to Trump and His Family. At least they are White.
        Funny how You forgot about Bushjr. et al. But I think that was what They were hoping for with that “Mission Accomplished” sign. Mr.9/11 escapes scrutiny and His successor gets the blame. Mission Accomplished!

  3. Led the rout of ISIL? Looks more like Putin, Assad, and the Syrian and Iraqi armies that did that.
    Whatever his domestic achievements, Trump’s foreign policy is a mess. He has not cleaned up the mess previous Administrations have made, but simply made things worse.

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