WOW: NPR Is Admitting There's A Possible Bank Collapse Coming!

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Can’t wait to point this out to some people I know who think everything is fine and all this talk of collapse for the past few years is actually happening…it’s no longer a “conspiracy theory”…go to and listen to hour 2 if you want confirmation.
I thought they would try to debunk the collapse talk like they usually do….but now they’re saying the collapse is on…the man they interviewed said central banks have failed and it’s time for them to close and re-organize to fix this current situation.
here’s a link to the full show…they are not putting that segment up as a link…yet…you can get other segments from todays show…but they left this one out…but you can still hear it….it’s there.

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EU on brink of ‘terrifying crisis’ Five of Europe’s big banks are in danger, warns expert
SOME of Europe’s biggest banks are on the brink for a crisis that echoes the 2008 meltdown, a finance expert warned, as fears over the global economy escalate.
Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Santander, Barclays and RBS are among the stocks that are falling sharply sending shockwaves through the financial world, according to former hedge fund manager and ex Goldman Sachs employee Raoul Pal.
At the height of the financial disaster in 2008, the Government was forced to step in and rescue Lloyds Banks and RBS from liquidation, while the European Central Bank gave huge bailouts to Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy.
Last month, the head of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi raised expectations that it could undergo yet more Quantitative Easing in March – in effect printing billions of pounds worth of money – in the face of ongoing economic fears.
France last month declared a state of economic crisis adding to worries about the stability of the eurozone.
Regulations now require banks in Europe to hold more cash as a buffer against market shocks, but Mr Pal said balance sheets haven’t been cleaned up and warned negative interest rates are hitting the firms hard.

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