WOW. The entire CNN Town Hall was scripted and specifically designed to stir up the audience before Dana Loesch came on stage.

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Good article on this right here:
Wonder if this was part of the CNN script? “Loesch: CNN Crowd Yelled ‘Burn Her,’ ‘Child Killer’ At Me”
Please read The Conservative Treehouse’s story on this policy in Broward County, Florida schools. The identical concept in Miami-Dade schools is what allowed Treyvon Martin to avoid criminal charges when he was caught on CCTV committing a burglary and in possession of burglary tool and stolen property.
Take the time and click through each link. Really, take the time. It will make you shake your head, then become enraged and then feel ill. Take your time because you will be truly astounded. The policies in place to protect the criminals and make the schools and police department look good are part of the complete systematic failure resulting in 17 people murdered.
h/t  TurboTrump

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