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California church’s first transgender bishop resigns after being branded racist for firing Puerto Rican pastor while wearing bullet proof vest and threatening to call the police on congregants

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  • America’s first transgender Bishop Megan Rohrer, 42, resigned amid allegations of racism
  • Rohrer was accused of wearing a bulletproof vest and insensitivity after firing Pastor Nelson Rabell-Gonzalez of a predominantly Latino congregation
  • The ex-bishop allegedly also threatened to call the police on a child and mother
  • The congregation became unruly and protested the ouster of Rabell-Gonzalez, which came during the Feast of the Virgin Guadalupe
  • Some congregants accused the bishop of smirking during the announcement, but an investigation found that the expression was due to Rohrer’s autism
  • Rohrer resigned from their position in the church claiming there was too much misinformation, bullying and harassment 



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