WTF? Most people who get the ‘rona suffer BRAIN DAMAGE according to new study

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  • An international team of researchers studied coronavirus in lab grown brain ‘organoids’ and mouse brains 
  • They found clear evidence that the virus can take over brain cell machinery to make copies of itself
  • Brain cells near the infected ones were oxygen-deprived and dying 
  • Studies suggest that anywhere from 30 to 84 percent of COVID-19 patients develop neurological symptoms 
  • The new new study, published online ahead of peer review found that antibodies taken from a COVID-19 patient prevented infection in the lab-grown mini-brains 

Verifying reports of delusions and brain fogs, new research reveals just how coronavirus attacks and kills brain cells to churn out more copies of itself.

Collaborating scientists around the globe have shown that the virus burglarizes brain cells, using their machinery to replicate, in a study posted online this week, which has not yet been peer-reviewed or published in a journal.

And in the process, the infection seems to suck up the oxygen from other brain cells  near the ones it has invaded, eventually killing them.

So far, coronavirus’s effects on the brain don’t seem to be what is killing COVID-19 patients, but researchers say that an unchecked infection in cerebral cells could be deadly.


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