WTF?!?! Sullivan Mulls Contempt Charge Against Michael Flynn

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Federal judge mulls contempt charge against Michael Flynn

Federal judge Emmet Sullivan is signaling that he may pursue perjury or contempt charges against former national security adviser Michael Flynn over his effort to abandon an earlier guilty plea to a charge of lying to the FBI.

The Justice Department moved last week to drop the prosecution of Flynn launched by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan threw a major stumbling block in front of that effort by announcing that he is appointing a former federal judge to advise the court on how to respond to the government’s motion.

Sullivan said he’s also asking the retired judge, John Gleeson, to recommend whether Flynn should face a criminal contempt charge for perjury—apparently for declaring under oath at two different court proceedings that he was guilty of lying to the FBI, before he reversed course an January and claimed he had never lied.

So now they want to prosecute Flynn for perjury because he lied when he pled guilty under oath to charges that he wasn’t guilty of?!?!? This is an all time low for the judicial system. Sullivan deserves to be prosecuted like this and bankrupted and lose everything.


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