WTH? US using Chinese drones to spy on and lecture Americans about Wuhan virus

by DCG

Yesterday national GOP spokesperson, Elizabeth Harrington, shared a report from MSNBC in which US agencies are acquiring drones and using them to enforce social distancing rules. As if isn’t bad enough to have Big Brother watching your every move, the report states the drones are coming from China.

Even worse? The NY Times reports that the drones may be sending the data to China. I question the “may be” part. If China is involved, YOU KNOW they are collecting data.

From her tweets:

“The drones, donated by DJI, a Chinese company, have gone to 43 agencies in 22 states, all to help enforce social distancing rulesUS using Chinese drones to spy on and lecture Americans about a virus caused by communist China. Oh, and DJI “may be sending data to China.”

Drone Maker D.J.I. May Be Sending Data to China, U.S. Officials Say. We think DJI is “providing US critical infrastructure and law enforcement data to the Chinese government. And now local law enforcement is using them in response to the Chinese virus.”

Watch the MSNBC report and read the NY Times story here.

It’s bad enough that China unleased this madness upon the world but now US bureaucrats are STILL buying equipment from the Chicoms to monitor US citizens? Enough is enough!



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