Wuhan corona death rate of 200ish…math calls BS

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by kashflowz

So wuhan has a population of about 11 million. And it was said that a crematorium had run out of body bags due to so many people dying. BUT china claims only 200ish people have died so far…Math says untrue. Here I explain.

The average mortality rate is ~8 people per 1000 in a year, so if we multiply 8×1000 to get our million people annual death rate of 8000…now we divide that by 365. That would bring us to ~21 people dying each day per million. Multiplying that by roughly 11 would get us our 11 million population death rate, we get 231 people dying per day out of 11 million on average.

So 231 people will die on an average day there without da flu. So in order to run out of body bags, the death rate must have substantially increased in wuhan.

It seems like the numbers are not adding up.




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