Wuhan Coronovirus Bioweapon Conspiracy: In-depth

by anchurianCandidate7

Post your best conspiracy theories. Here’s mine:

In 2015 there was a test done at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. It was headed by Ralph Baric.


The purpose of the lab test was to manipulate a bat coronavirus to see if it could infect humans. It was discovered that it could.


One of the people who co wrote the paper was a Chinese researcher by the name of Xing-Ye Gi. Google scholar shows Gi has written or co-written numerous papers on SARS, ebola and coronavirus.


Gi works in Wuhan, within the sole BSL-4 lab in the entire country. A Chinese national literally worked on modifying a bat coronavirus to infect humans, 100% confirmed. Hmm…

There are only 70 BSL-4 (Highest Level Biosafety research labs) in the world, and in China, a country of 1.4 Billion people, only 1 exists. Coincidentally, it happens to be in Wuhan. The people in Wuhan aren’t the only Chinese eating stuff like bat soup, this would have to be a pretty crazy coincidence since there are at least 9 cities larger than Wuhan and it could have appeared in any one of them, but it just happened to appear next to the sole bioweapon lab in the entire country.

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This article was written in 2017 about its construction, and was worried about the potential safety since this is China’s first attempt at such a lab, and it wasn’t receiving guidance from the rest of the world on its construction. The article also mentions one of the first viruses it will be working on is SARS. The Coronavirus is closely related to SARs from initial inspection. The article warned that this lab would likely be dual use, as China claims it only exists to help research and cure disease when in reality China also wants to get in the Bioweapon game with the other superpowers.

A Bioweapon escaping such a lab isn’t impossible, as Anthrax escaped a Soviet bioweapon lab in 1979 killing at least 100 people, but the true number is unknown as they denied it happened at all for more than a decade. Soviets lied saying it was due to tainted meat, and the KGB destroyed all hospital records and other evidence. They were extremely lucky with which way the wind was blowing, as if it blew the other way spores would have landed in a nearby city killing hundreds of thousands of people. Boris Yeltsin eventually admitted to the truth of this Biological Chernobyl.


SARS even escaped a Beijing lab twice in 2004!



Now to speculate. I don’t think it is a completed bioweapon as China would likely have a vaccine ready for it to protect their people after deployment against an enemy, and it would likely be far more dangerous. Much more likely is that it is an only partially completed bioweapon, a chimera SARS with aspects of other viruses thrown in as they experimented with creating the final product. This is what leaked. Since it is only an early prototype, there is no vaccine ready yet, and it will still be far more dangerous than a natural virus. This is also a huge reason for the coverup. If it gets out that China let a bioweapon escape, there will be an international shitshow. Unlike what other conspiracy theorists have speculated, I find it extremely doubtful that a bioweapon was released deliberately, as there is no believeable motive and this will inflict terrible damage on China economically.

EDIT 1: Read those first 2 links especially, as they are the most suspicious and interesting. Feel free to spread this.


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