Wuhan virus being used as political warfare? Double standards prove it

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by DCG

You don’t think the Wuhan virus is being used as a political tool to hurt #OrangeManBad this November? Here’s the double standards that prove it is a prolonged, political warfare:

“Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s administration on Friday urged additional vigilance by local officials in 11 counties where there are upticks in COVID-19 cases”

“Mayor Lori Lightfoot breaks her own rules to get a haircut

“Democrat Gov. Pritzker’s Wife and Kids Caught Visiting Florida While He Orders Illinois To Stay-at-Home

“Gov. Inslee extends pause indefinitely for phased reopening

20,000 People Protest In Hollywood, Smaller Groups March Throughout LA And Orange Counties”

Indeed, how much longer are us Americans going to allow these double standards to exist? Remember this November that elections do have consequences.



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