Yahoo Suspends Comments On Articles. More Censorship Before The Elections

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So Yahoo suspends comments on their stories, one of the last to have comments available right before the elections…

Why ? Because they are so conservative or middle of the road derived.

Almost all news outlets and others including ESPN stopped comments long ago.

They can’t have us discussing things… just spoon feeding their indoctrination via news programs, news articles and talk shows.

Let Yahoo know that NOBODY will read their stories now, why would they ? Their writers are known for terrible journalism, the comments were the only thing they had going for them…

Please feel free to leave comments on their survey…

“Readers are no longer allowed to write their comments on stories published by Yahoo News on its website. The media outlet has temporarily suspended commenting on its articles as it wants to improve its community experience.

“Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passion,” it said in its website.”





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