YAY AUSTRALIA! You can get your Covid boosters ANOTHER month early! Vaccine interval slashed to just three months. ADE in effect…

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“As we are clearly seeing boosters are key to keeping yourself, your friends and your family safe,” Mr Perrottet said.

I guess the real efficacy is zero, huh?

Only anti-vaxxers would be against four shots a year, huh?

The COVID-19 booster interval for residents across multiple states has been reduced to three months “effective immediately” in Victoria and from Friday in NSW.

Both Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and his NSW counterpart Dominic Perrottet confirmed the change on Wednesday with the gap between the second jab and the booster shot slashed from a four month wait.

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“If three months have passed since the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine you will be eligible for a third dose,” Mr Andrews said.


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