KYLE BECKER: The Beginning Of The End? Major Western Nations Suddenly Drop Vaccine Mandates

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This may very well be the beginning of the end for Covid mandates. At least in some countries.

The sudden announcements of a handful of nations to scrap vaccine mandates and passports have left authoritarian rulers who have seized on the pandemic scrambling.

England is poised to become the first major Western country to precipitously drop vaccine mandates and scrap ‘emergency’ coronavirus measures like mask mandates, self-isolation measures, and work restrictions.

An important backdrop to the significance of the British defection is that there are still many European nations dominated by socialists that are in the throes of increasingly oppressive restrictions. As was just reported by Forbes:

  • People ages 60 and over in Greece who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 will be fined around $115 a month.
  • Italy has made vaccinations compulsory for older people—over 50s—in early January.
  • Austria is set to introduce one of the world’s strictest vaccine mandates by forcing everyone ages 18 and over to get the jab. Vaccine resisters would face fines of up to $4,100 under the law.
  • Unvaccinated people ages 16 and over in France will be excluded from most public venues under the new “vaccine pass” law, which President Emmanuel Macron said is designed to “piss off” vaccine resisters.
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One should add to this list Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s consideration of hiking taxes against the unvaccinated — a punitive measure tantamount to a fine.

But on Wednesday, beleaguered prime minister Boris Johnson bucked this trend and announced that vaccine mandates and work restrictions would soon be lifted — in March at the latest.

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