‘Yellow Vest’ Protestors Take to the Streets of France for the 16th Straight Weekend… Paris Police Continue To Brutalize Yellow Vest Protesters!

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The Yellow Vest Protestors are finally getting the media coverage they deserve to help spread the movement. Vive la France!

(PARIS) — French yellow vests were protesting for a 16th straight weekend in Paris and other cities to show they are still mobilized against the government’s economic policies they see as favoring the rich.

In Paris, protesters gathered Saturday at the Arc de Triomphe monument as a march was planned through the well-off western neighborhoods of the capital.

French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday reiterated a call for calm, pointing at “unacceptable” outbreaks of violence since the movement began in November.

Organizers say they want to maintain pressure on the government as a two-month “grand debate” initiated by Macron to let ordinary French people express their views on the country’s economic and democratic issues is ending this month.


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