Yellow Vests Suggest Bank Run

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by SP

It does indeed look like a large enough percentage of the citizenry of Europe has come to understand that they as citizens are being harvested by the oligarchy.  They already understand that much of their governance comes from outside their nations from people they did not elect, through a process that they cannot influence and is clearly NOT intended to meet their needs.  This has got to be a really discouraging thing to wake up to.

One group of Yellow Vest protestor is France has suggested that all citizens remove their money from the banks.  Targeted non-violent action.

If the government security forces are going to supress this with violence, they will need to first vilify the Yellow Vests.  This group of women look pretty harmless, likable and easy to identify with — vilification will be tough!

You really can’t go in and beat them with clubs and maintain the moral high ground.

Case in point:  A mother in the Netherlands was wearing a yellow vest while walking an infant in stroller.  She was stopped by police and told to remove her vest.  She refused, and was promptly arrested for wearing that vest. (There was no protest–it was just her walking alone in a yellow vest.)

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Leaving her infant at the scene with police.


Tom Luongo observes the increasing authoritarian response to the protestors by the French government with PM Philippe being drafted to play the designated bad guy calling for increased police response.

A call for a further crackdown against protests is the same response as the new EU laws on internet speech and dissemination of memes, Articles 11 and 13, they are attempts to stop open dissent against a distant and uninvolved leadership [of the EU].

And after Yellow Vests targeted both the Bank of France in Rouen and the National Assembly in Paris, Macron’s government has finally come out of hiding to announce even stronger crackdowns on these protests.

But Macron himself couldn’t do it. If he did it would simply spark an even more extreme reaction. So, at this point Prime Minister Edouard Philippe is handling the bad PR duties informing everyone that even more crackdowns are coming on these protests.

Because order and all of that.

And in Sweden, a group that monitors on-line “hate speech‘ on facebook and twitter proudly reports that it has filed 1,200 “hate speech notifications” leading to 144 convictions for “hate speech”   Hate speech here means criticism of immigration.

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Obviously, anyone who does not like having their cars burned by bands of migrant youths is racist.



Which of course brings us to the common citizens response.


Gun Use Surges in Europe, Where Firearms Are Rare

Growing insecurity spurs more people to clear high bars for ownership

When hundreds of women were sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve in several German cities three years ago, Carolin Matthie decided it was time to defend herself. The 26-year-old Berlin student quickly applied for a gun permit, fearing many women would have the same idea and flood the application process.  (also discussed here)

It is obvious to me that this is the next step at The Animal Farm.



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