YellowVests continue in Paris for 7 weeks in a row … + France : Update : police teargas // City Rouen, Very Tensed : Bank in Fire

LIVE:YellowVestProtests continue in Paris for seven weeks in a row

BAC men beat up a Yellow Vest protester on the ground, Toulouse.

Avignon nord super marché 29/12/2018 tensions at the super market

Riot Control: French govt to buy more non-lethal weapons despite serious injuries

they are now before a radio station shanting journalistst come down … apparently this station has made anti yellow vestst statings …


journalist get treatened by gun of police at Rouen ( other city)

translation :

i’m a journalist , im a journalist , don’t shoot , lower your gun!! , i have the right to be here!! , im journalist

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City Rouen getting tensed


More in City Rouen … teargas tensions 

more in Rouen

more and more tensions in Rouen City after protesters set thé bank of France on fire …