Yes, Joe Biden is Arguably the Worst President the United States Has Ever Had

Recency bias aside, the blatant and even self-admitted ignoring of the separation of powers, an anemic economy, blundering foreign policy, and a self inflicted massive border crisis are really quite a spectacle for a first-year president-in-name.


FLORIDA VOTERS OPPOSE BIDEN’S VACCINE MANDATE: “Florida voters are opposed to a key consequence of President Biden’s Vaccine Mandate. VCreek asked, ‘Should the Biden Administration be allowed to create a workplace regulation that could result in people being fired from their job for not getting vaccinated?’ Fifty-four percent of Florida Voters indicated ‘No’ and 43% indicated ‘Yes.’

THANKS BIDEN! DHS Preps For MASSIVE Surge Of Up To 400,000 Illegals In October. “Mayorkas says Biden administration opposes the wall because people crossing illegally is ‘one of our proudest traditions’… Mayorkas also said he was ‘surprised’ at the ‘tragic rise’ of the Delta Variant of the Wuhan Virus at the southern border. How do you take a liar like that seriously?”

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COLLUSION, STRAIGHT UP: Classified Briefing on Nord Stream Pipeline Renews GOP Concerns That Biden Is Caving to Russia.

Sen. Bill Hagerty (R., Tenn.) said that a classified briefing on Wednesday about the contested Nord Stream 2 Russian energy pipeline renewed concerns that the Biden administration is bowing to Russia, which is completing a massive energy project that Republicans worry will solidify Moscow’s grip on Europe’s energy needs.

Hagerty, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told the Washington Free Beacon that information provided by U.S. officials in a classified setting confirmed the Biden administration will continue to ignore congressionally mandated sanctions meant to stymie the completion of Nord Stream 2. Congress, he said, will not sit by as the administration bucks the law.

“The Biden administration continues to ignore mandatory congressional sanctions that would significantly delay and even halt the Nord Stream 2 pipeline,” Hagerty said. “If the Biden administration will not enforce the law in good faith, Congress will need to act very soon to counter Vladimir Putin’s malign influence energy project.”

CRISIS BY DESIGN: Biden Doubles Down on Ending Trump’s Successful ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy.


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