Yes, The Purge Is Real

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Nunes says that a string of subpoenas will be issued very soon. The Obama admin who helped with the dossier was part of the Uranium one deal. Japan says NK is buying oil on the black market. The UN peace deal is in effect but the deep state is up to its old tricks, they attack during peace. The US government is very worried about a cyber attack on the financial system, Mike Rogers was being questioned to see if the US was ready for this type of attack. Companies are now separating themselves from the NRA, Google seems to have removed the shopping results when searching for weapons. The deep state is pushing the agenda by purging the alternative media from the YouTube platform. The purge is real, it is happening now.


3 thoughts on “Yes, The Purge Is Real

  1. They” are lying thru their teeth about the Florida shootings. We totally cannot trust our government or the MSM. One must now wonder what is the connection to Google/YouTube and Silicon Valley’s lackey in Congress, Ro Khanna:
    Youtube Removing Video of Parkland Student Who Claimed There Was Second Shooter
    Note – We Have Seen TWO Other Videos Of Male H.S.Students Stating They Definitely Heard Shooting. Going On In 2 Different Locations – Those Videos Are Now GONE
    Questions Emerge Over Florida Shooter’s “Full Metal Garb”
    The teacher had a small wound resulting from the shooting.

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