Yet Another Dumbf*k Appointment By Trump

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by Stucky

Elliot Abrams will handle relations with Venezuela!

[Side Note:  If that’s not a near perfect caricature of (((you know what))) then I don’t know what is.]

.@SecPompeo announced today that Elliott Abrams will lead @StateDeptefforts on #Venezuela to help the Venezuelan people fully restore democracy and prosperity to their country. — Department of State (@StateDept)

Marco Rubio sure is happy about the assignment!

John Bolton is delighted!

Pleased to hear that my good friend Elliott Abrams is rejoining State as Special Envoy for Venezuela. Welcome back to the fight.

— John Bolton (@AmbJohnBolton)

January 26, 2019


But, what about his record?

“As the Reagan administration’s assistant secretary of state for human rights in the 1980s, Abrams supported the US-backed dictators in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras in their campaigns of repression, including death squads. He was also involved in working with Iran to arming the US-backed rebels in Nicaragua, the infamous Iran-Contra scandal.

Abrams was eventually convicted of lying to Congress about Iran-Contra, but was pardoned right away by President George H.W. Bush. In the 1990s, Abrams became a founding member of the Project for a New American Century, a hawkish neoconservative think-tank.

He returned to the corridors of power in 2001, as a director on the National Security Council for President George W. Bush. He played a key role in the 2002 attempted coup in Venezuela against President Hugo Chavez, and was one of the architects of the 2003 Iraq war.”

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Jeebus Effing Christmas!!  Trump makes absolutely the WORST picks of all time.  Neocons. Warmongers. One percenters. Swamp creatures, one and all …. and this Golden Golem of Motherfuckedness is gonna drain the swamp???

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What a fucken asshole this guy is.  His only saving grace is that all DEMONcraps are even worse.  Fuck this shit. 

I don’t even feel like mailing that letter I wrote, and posted here on Sunday. I’m not gonna hump this idiots’ leg in hopes that he’ll pat me on the head.  Much as I hate to say it, it’s becoming clearer with every dumbass move he makes — this guy is a LOSER and he’s not gonna drain anything except his little dick, then piss on us just like all the rest, and tell us it’s fresh rain. 

How much more can a peon like me take????!!!!  (That’s a cue for you Trumpeteers to tell me how awesome he is, playing 4d chess, blah blah blah.)


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