Yet Another Story About America’s Modern Day KGB

by Chris Black

A 21 year old man serving in the 82nd Airborne made a “racist” comment in an anonymous chat room.

The FBI then put him under the microscope.

While his comments were somewhat extreme, they were First Amendment protected.

The FBI JTTF couldn’t charge him for what he said, so they are charging him for lying on a security clearance application, which experts say is virtually unheard of.

The most ironic part of this story?

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The lead FBI officer hunting down young white men for mere immature words in this case actually killed a black man in 2019 in a highly controversial police shooting where the black man was recorded begging for his life.

As FBI whistleblowers have stated, these thoroughly sociopathic people are manufacturing fraudulent domestic terrorism cases to suit a political agenda.

If you’re on Facebook saying the 2020 election was fraudulent, the FBI has been sniffing your private messages and in several instances even covertly following you around in person.


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