You are actually NOT a slave. Don’t let the elite trick you into thinking you are.

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by autofails

Kanye said slavery was a choice. he said it “was like we were mentally imprisoned.”

When you learn about the level of darkness in the word governments it’s easy to lose hope, and enter into a mindset of “uncertainty”

When you are uncertain you are more open to suggestion.

And that’s when you can be tricked into listening to the posts I regularly see here saying “you are a slave” and all other fatalistic hopeless garbage.

One thing that IS certain, is that if you spend your time thinking you are a slave, and in a hopeless negative state you are doing exactly what the elite want you to do.

They can’t physically enslave you (YET) but they can mentally. Don’t let them.

The only way they can take total control is if the people who are aware, who can have free thought and resist, have been tricked into a hopeless slave state.

We are in a golden age. The great awakening is upon us.

it’s easy to see the negativity and corruption and enter into an uncertain mindset about the nature of our world. At that point you are open to negative suggestion. Don’t let your uncertainty turn into certainty that is false. Don’t let yourself enter a hopeless slave mindset.


Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t necessarily represent the views of IWB.


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