You can be for Medicare For All. And pro 2nd Amendment. You can be pro-choice. And against late term abortion. You can be for border security and a wall. And be anti racist and pro-lgbt and inclusive. You don’t have to just pick a team and go along with its entire platform.

by GingerRoot96


I’m a socialist.

A buddhist.

Pro-choice but am against abortion after the initial three months. The late term abortion bill signed into law in New York recently is evil and a abomination.

I’m anti-war. I would get US troops out of Afghanistan, Syria and most of the world. No more drone strikes massacring innocent civilians. No more gluttony by the military industrial complex.

I’m pro-2nd Amendment. Most gun deaths statistically are suicides and not homicides, and the US is actually drastically more safer now than ever before compared to the 70s, 80s, and even 90s. More people will die from tobacco smoking and drinking alcohol in a couple years than have died from guns in the US in over the last 50 years combined. The government is corrupt and tyrannical? So we should give our main means of self defense up to this corrupt and tyrannical government because a tiny percentage of the population of over 300 million people are violent? You are as likely to be shot inside a school as you are to be hit by lightning.

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I’m pro-marijuana legalization and for the decriminalization of all other illegal drugs and instead of outfits like the DEA misusing taxpayer funds on a waste of a pursuit I’d fund rehabs and centers where addicts can actually get help.

I’m pro-border wall.

I like what Trump has done on trade and North Korea.

I’m strongly pro Palestinian and view the acts of Israel the last decade as a genocide. Israeli soldiers are murdering unarmed men and women along the border who are protesting and they get away with it. Trump on Israel has disgusted me. His posture toward Cuba and Venezuela has disgusted me.

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I’m a long critic of Russiagate and followed events that transpired over the last 3 years in real time. I’ve argued countless times with people on Reddit about it via this account and others and was labeled everything from a Putin Puppet to a Nazi. Which makes it weird for me because I didn’t vote for Trump and don’t plan on voting for him. I can’t truth tell without somehow being looked upon as defending Trump and supporting him?

Again, Republican, Democrat, Progressive, Conservative, whatever, you don’t have to just follow straight down the line with the party’s platform that you find you align with the most. Pick and choose. Be independent. The mainstream media and society wants you to fit in some box and label you. Be true to yourself.


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