You can’t be a journalist without being a conspiracy theorist: Twitter now *suspending* journalists for reporting on news. They’re banning journalism now…You were warned.

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by axolotl_peyotl

What is the cause of the extraordinary decline of real journalism today?

Why has the term “conspiracy theorist” and “debunked” dominated the lexicon of career stooges and apologists for the military industrial complex?

These two semantic phenomenons are directly related.

True journalism requires abstract thought and thinking outside of the box.

So do conspiracy theories.

Tim Pool seems to finally grasp this notion in the linked video, as he outright admits that journalists have to be conspiracy theorists to a certain extent.

This is why all things “conspiracy” have been aggressively attacked by the propagandists.

They have completely neutered modern journalistic “integrity” and part of this process is the planned denigration of “conspiracy theorist” which actually translates to “those who question an historically-corrupt authority.”



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