You Can’t Cancel, Boycott, or Criticize Israel

by Chris Black

The perks of Jews running America.

Woke is not some abstraction like Marxism, it’s not an emotional state triggered by human rights ideology.

It’s the totally inconsistent and often random positions you have to support in order to protect Jewish domination of America and Europe.

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For the last 100 years, from FDR to Reagan to everything else, USA has been controlled by a cabal of Jews and corrupt homosexuals.

Take, for example, Sumner Welles, the precocious State Department official whose scandalous saga in the FDR years frames the early chapters of Kirchick’s account.

Welles’s offense was to drunkenly proposition not just one but (in quick succession as each rebuffed his advances) an entire crew of African-American railway porters on the presidential train en route to Washington, D.C., after the funeral of a senator.

The New York-born aristocrat had offered each man compensation for the trouble, though all declined.


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