You hate to see it: Justice Democrats upset with Biden appointees

by DCG

The Justice Democrats who are “building the squad” were very upset about some of Ol’ Joe’s recently-announced appointees:

They are not pleased with the appointment of Cedric Richmond, a congresscritter from Louisiana. Cedric apparently has some controversies in his past (shocker, right?). But that’s to be expected…after all, he’s a demorat politician from Louisiana.

Cedric has been the recipient of major donations from the fossil fuel industry. To the tune of over $90K.

Cedric’s in hot water from the socialists for being the a “fossil fuel ally.”

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The irony of Biden’s (#notmypresident) appointment? Cedric is his “Climate Movement Liason.”

As the progressive Daily Beast noted:

The congressman has received the fifth highest total donations from fossil fuel donors among House Democrats and also has received one of the lowest ratings for any Democrat in Congress from the League of Conservation Voters. “Today feels like a betrayal, because of one of President-Elect Biden’s very first hires for his new administration has taken more donations from the fossil fuel industry during his career than nearly any other Democrat,” Varshini Prakash, executive director of the Sunrise Movement, a grassroots group advocating for the Green New Deal, said in a statement.”

I laugh at the serendipity of this Biden appointment. Because there is one thing that demorats will never, EVER learn:



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