“You Have NO Choice – George Carlin” I’m sure a lot you have heard this before, but it never hurts to refresh your memory

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This is so true, that it makes someone like me (an empath, pisces, INFJ, whatever) feel that the civilized world is DISGUSTING. I want nothing more than a world that lives in DIRECT opposite of what this video confirms reality is today. These feelings have plagued me for years and I’ve just recently come to the realization that if I can’t stop them, the best thing I can do is to not be a sucker in their game. To live the best possible individual life imaginable, on my terms, which most of us who are awake are capable of, but lack the willpower, after years and years of programming reinforcement.

I really wish Carlin was still alive. We need more people with platforms to express these ideas and remind us of the veiled reality. However, he couldn’t do anything about it. I can’t do anything about it. Joe Rogan can’t do anything about. Jordan Peterson can’t do anything about it. Andrew Yang can’t do anything about it. YOU can’t do anything about it. Our heroes can’t do anything about it. But WE can do something about it. Divided We Fall, United We Stand. We hold all the power, yet have no will or understanding on how to use it.

Having said all this, I firmly believe we’ve already lost. It would take a massive awakening, like the scarcity of basic needs (food, water, shelter) to get people off their phones/tech and demand a better society. But they’ll keep us all just satiate enough to prevent that from ever happening. These elites, have been practicing human domination for centuries, you don’t think with technology, they’ve finally figured out how to lobotomize us once and for all?

I apologize if this depresses anyone. I believe in non-violent revolutions, as long as the other side doesn’t strike first. The best thing YOU can do in this short time you have on Earth, to live the best possible individual life imaginable, on your terms, and not be a sucker in their game

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