You know the democrats are hurting when their 2020 platform is reparations, terrorists voting, and spending trillions to eliminate plant food in the atmosphere.

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by DrPenguin



Who gets them?

How much?

Who pays?

These are the simplest questions on the issue and they dance around them when given an opportunity to explain. My favorite is when they answer that “it’s something we should discuss” when asked to discuss this.

Prisoners Voting

What people fail to realize is that the presidential election isn’t the only election. These prisons often house thousands of people in low populated rural areas. Theoretically there’s a real possibility that criminals could be controlling small towns from inside prison cells. Not to mention the inevitable coordination between politics and voting gangs.

Hey, Jamaal. What can the Democratic Party do to secure the bloods votes?

CO² Emissions

This one is the saddest of all. They indoctrinate the young by playing on their desire to be good. Who doesn’t want to leave the world in better shape for future generations. They’re just too naive to see. They haven’t been through the countless fear mongering campaigns that some of us older ones have witnessed fizzle into nothing. I don’t blame them totally. But someone needs beat these kids with a non pozzed science book and teach them to think critically.


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