You Know the Economy Is Bad When THIS Happens! …Uh Oh. Not Again?!

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Do you think WALL ST. and MAIN ST. are correlated?


There are thousands upon thousands of indicators we can look at to determine the health of the economy. Or we can just look out the window, take a drive down the street, or ask business owners. Sometimes, it’s better to see or experience the economy rather than trying to plot it on a graph. Which one is more accurate?


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Nobel Prize winner Shiller sees ‘bad times in the stock market’ ahead

Watch out, GOP: The economy is roaring, but most Americans aren’t feeling it

The Government May Want to Buy Your Dying Mall – WSJ

You Could Buy an Entire Town in Georgia for the Price of a Luxury Apartment in NYC – NBC New York

Toomsboro Georgia for Sale, whole town, real estate, Toomsboro, GA

Bay Area real estate gains highest in country since recession

California’s poverty rate is still the highest in the US | The Sacramento Bee


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