You Know We Are In a Bubble When Financial News Is Pushing Retarded Options Plays Like WSB

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by TheRealJugger

I literally spit my coffee out laughing at some of the straight retarded shit this article talks about, lets dive into the analysis.

Source: The Stock Market Is on a Bumpy Ride. Try These 2 Stocks for Stability-

To begin, it tells readers this little gem: “Stop trying to make sense of what’s happening in the stock market. It’s a fun pastime, and something of a national obsession, but very few people are any good at it.”

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So here I was half expecting some boomer dividend paying stocks to be discussed, but my tits immediately went erect for what comes next. They recommend TSLA and NOV, but for our retarded purposes we will focus on what they have to say on Tesla:

“With Tesla stock at $995.65, aggressive investors could sell the January $925 put option that expires Jan. 28 for about $22.50 and buy the January $1,010 call optionwith the same expiration for about $45. This risk-reversal strategy—that is, selling a put and buying a call with a higher strike price but the same expiration date—positions investors to buy Tesla stock at $925. Should the stock surge on earnings, and rally to, say, $1,200, the call would be worth $190. The strategy—admittedly a very aggressive one—expresses confidence that Tesla’s surprisingly strong fourth-quarter sales data foreshadow an impressive earnings report and constructive commentary about the future.”

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Not three paragraphs prior, Barrons informs the reader to not focus on timing the market, then immediately recommends a retardedly aggressive option strategy timing earnings that only WSB could appreciate.

This Market is literally retarded, I can’t wait till the bear rise again.


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