You know whats going to end the vaccines?

When Big Insurance goes to war with Big Pharma over life insurance claims.

LISTEN: Are Moderna and Pfizer the Next Enrons? Former Blackrock & Hedge Fund Guru Edward Dowd Paints Grim Picture for Big Pharma’s Vax Kings — While Big Insurance Appears Prepped to Go To War With Big Pharma Over Death Payouts

Part one Dowd joins about 15:30, but part one is mostly small talk.

Part two of the podcast starts to get into the meat and potatoes.

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Part 2. 9:40 Dowd: “Let’s talk about Pfizer’s potential revenue if these vaccines are mandated quarterly. Their revenues go from 52 Billion to 350 Billion overnight. If you don’t think that’s enough incentive to bribe government officials, you’re naive”.

Part 2. 13:40 Dowd: “First week of February, the insurance reports are going to come out for death and disability reporting. Aegon insurance American division saw death claims alone go from 31 million in 2020, when Covid was raging by the way, to 111 million by the 3rd quarter 2021, with 4th quarter results coming out in February.

Money talks bullshit walks, once the numbers come out and the numbers are vertical from the VAERS database, it’s going to get real, and you’re not going to be able to hide a 40% fatality increase and not talk about the Vaccine. It’s just not going to happen”.

Definitely worth the listen.


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