You may not like her, but she’s right about this: Lobbyists subvert the will of the people and exploit the poor to make it happen. Welcome to the kleptocratic oligarchy that is the US!

Sharing is Caring!

by allofusahab

We all know about what “crowd-sourcing” really means to TPTB – paying others (peanuts) to shape and shift narratives, to do dirty work (of enslaving humanity in unjust systems of social control and governance) for them. False protests, fake posters, bots, sock puppets and the like are just the newest means of subverting peoples’ wills. But the old ways are still at work too: paying the homeless to act as stooges and scabs so that your government representatives can have the privilege of no longer listening to their constituents (well, at least those who don’t pay top dollar).

There is no equal access to governance anymore. There isn’t any pretense of representation of the people. There is only representation for the rich, the LLCs, the corporate tax havens.




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