You Might Live In A Police State If…

by Patrick J. McShay

“I think perhaps of all the things a police state can do to its
citizens; distorting history is possibly the most pernicious”

— Robert A. Heinlein-Author, Engineer, and Naval Officer

“The Free State offers what a police state denies –
The privacy of the home, the dignity, and peace
of mind of the individual”

— William O. Douglas- Supreme Court Justice

There are new stories emerging on a daily basis during this forced lockdown of ridiculous and unnecessary actions being taken by city and state officials as well as police departments that have many Americans infuriated and shaking their heads.  

Parents are handcuffed in front of their small children for the crime of visiting an empty park near their homes. 

A skate park with marvelous views of Venice Beach was ordered by the city to be filled in by a bulldozer with 37,000 pounds of sand because local kids defied the new “Do Not Skate” rule. 

A lone man was paddle boarding 25 yards off of the Malibu Beach when he was surrounded by 3 Coast Guard crafts that forced him back to the beach where he was promptly handcuffed and arrested by two ‘heroes’ from the Malibu Police Department.

While liquor stores remain open, and marijuana sales were booming, churchgoers were issued citations while sitting in their cars attending outdoor services in their church parking lot. 

Our once trusted FBI even got into the act, clownishly raiding a clinic in Michigan wearing hazmat suits because a doctor was treating people with high doses of vitamin C intravenously, which isn’t illegal. This raid took place days ago while FBI Director Christopher Wray, a Deep State shill who is still refusing to turn over documents and fully cooperate with the investigation into the Obama led “Spygate” operation. Why hasn’t Trump fired him?

These are police state measures that many cities have put in place “for our own good”, and to “keep us safe”.  Despite information that has emerged in recent weeks that this so-called pandemic was contrived using models and projections that are nowhere near the reality on the ground, these city and state leaders are slow to relinquish their newfound control.

The following is based on what is happening in our country every single day. You might live in a police state if…

*You might live in a police state if 12 cops wrestle you to the ground for carrying a gun when you possess a legal carry permit!

*You might live in a police state if you’re a 6-time Super Bowl winner in a park near your house when a nosy cop tells you to go home or face arrest.

*You might live in a police state if they start letting felons out of prison and start arresting law-abiding tax-paying citizens for not properly social distancing.

*You might live in a Police State if a presidential candidate is credibly accused of sexual assault and the majority of the media won’t even cover it!

*You might live in a police state if a crazy billionaire sinks billions of dollars into the murky, corrupt pharmaceutical business and plots to implant a “Mark of the Beast”-like microchip into everyone on the planet to track and enslave them and everyone seems okay with it.

*You might live in a police state if the same creepy billionaire goes from creating back doors for computer viruses to engineering back doors for corona viruses.

*You might live in a police state if the Governor issues an order that forbids you to cut your grass.

*You might live in a police state if your Governor okays the use of kayaks and canoes but forbids the use of ski boats and jet skis.

*You might live in a police state if you find out the pandemic that ruined your life was planned by billionaire Bill Gates because he was bored and needed something to do after he left Microsoft… (and he really does hate useless eaters). 

*You might live in a police state if the Government moves ahead to approve 5G, a bio-weapon, despite the objections of doctors, scientists and other professionals horrified and vehement objections!

*You might live in a police state if a dozen cops wrestle and drag a man out of a city bus, throw him to the ground and handcuff him for not wearing a face mask. 

*You might live in a police state if a cabal of powerful men from the previous presidential administration are caught spying on the future President and cabinet members during and after the election, and when they get caught no one goes to jail and most of the media refuses to cover it anyway.

*You might live in a police state if the billionaire that bribed politicians and health officials to mandate vaccines for you and your kids, refuses to vaccinate his own kids.

*You might be living in a police state if your Department of Agriculture lets millions of pounds of food rot while demand at food banks soars and people are going hungry.

*You might be living in a police state if your military is deployed to your nation’s food banks to ensure stability during a contrived crisis.

*You might be living in a police state if the illegal aliens that just got here are getting more government assistance than your monthly Social Security check after working for 40 years.

*You might be living in a police state if your national police agency (FBI) plots with your Justice Dept. to set up and entrap the new President’s National Security Advisor and he is under criminal investigation!

*You might be living in a police state if during a contrived pandemic, corporations start running creepy dystopian and sappy commercials warning you to stay inside, wash your hands, be safe and again don’t forget to wash your hands!

*You might be living in a police state if they pretend to be a model of democracy to the rest of the world while illegally spying on their citizens, politicians, and judges.

*You might be living in a police state if corporate fat cats write your laws and control your politicians through lobbying and excessive contributions.

*You might live in a police state if there has been a 4000% increase in “No Knock” military armed SWAT Team raids in the last 30 years.

*You might be living in a police state if your police departments are using military tactics and weapons against your citizens.

*You might be living in a police state if the police make it policy to shoot family dogs who aren’t threatening in any way! (A common practice by American police departments)

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*You might be living in a police state if your country has 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s prison population.

*You might live in a police state if your National Security Agency gathers nearly 5 billion records every day tracking smartphone locations of its citizens.

*You might live in a police state if your National Security Agency intercepts computer shipments to plant spyware on new systems.

*You might live in a police state if persistent public apathy allows corrupt unelected officials and corrupt politicians to throw the country into lockdown and enact police-state measures based on lies!

*You might live in a police state if politically correct fascism has trumped your right to free speech and expression.

*You might live in a police state if children as young as 6 are arrested at school for throwing tantrums and other minor offenses.

*You might be living in a police state if your police department isn’t as interested in protecting and serving as they are in beating, tasing and arresting your citizens.

*You might live in a police state if the police steal more cash and personal property from its citizens through asset forfeiture in a year than they lose to burglars.

*You might live in a police state if your policemen tend to shoot first and ask questions later.

*You might live in a police state if your police department spies on law-abiding citizens using aerial surveillance and facial recognition software.

*You might live in a police state if your government’s intelligence agencies and military perform grisly and horrific experiments on citizens and soldiers they regard as little more than lab rats.

*You might live in a police state if 17,000 police departments are using military issue equipment.

*You might live in a police state if 80% of asset forfeiture cases result in no charges against the homeowner! 

*You might live in a police state if your government allows the collection of trillions of your citizen’s phone calls, emails, videos, and social media posts, and the Supreme Court okays the government’s collection of your DNA for future “Minority Report” type experiments to further invade your privacy. 

*You might live in a police state if, over the objection of parents, your child’s school announces that new sex education classes will include graphic discussions of homosexuality, lesbianism, anal sex and use of sex toys to be taught to children as young as 5-years-old.

*You might live in a police state if your local library begins having weekly “Drag Queen Story Hour” encouraging parents to attend and bring their children to hear Drag Queens read to their kids. (Whole Foods sponsored)

It shouldn’t matter what our political affiliation is when it comes to our God-given inalienable rights and law and order, but if any party forgets that we exist in this country on the principle that we have individual liberty to make decisions ourselves, that political party should  be abandoned and it’s members considered traitors to the U.S. Constitution and the Republic. 

There is an old expression: “Burning the house down to kill the rats.” Is that what our controllers are doing to our great country with this phony pandemic? Are they destroying the country along with those of us who won’t accept the New World Order’s form of tyranny?

What is going on now has much more to do with power, control and the destruction of our Bill of Rights than it does with Mr. Gates’ engineered pandemic! The economy is a disaster and Trump is outspending the Kenyon at a wicked pace. If Trump continues to listen to the little creep, Dr. Fauci will do grave damage to the country. It’s time Trump moved on from the Fauci/Gates contingent of globalist liars and prepared charges against these traitors!

This contrived crisis appears to be a long-planned scenario by the Deep State, the Rockefeller’s, Bill Gates, his foundation, and healthcare executives around the globe that Gates has thrown millions at to ensure support for his agenda of control.

Trump should bring in Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai, Bio-Weapons expert Dr. Frank Boyle, Dr.Ron Paul, Dr. Judy Mikovitz and Dr. Rashid Buttar, all of whom strongly object to Dr. Fauci’s handling of this crisis, to advise him on the best steps to take moving forward. Gates has a legacy of vaccine death following him from Africa to India; why should anybody trust him to make a safe and effective vaccine for this bioengineered virus?

I will say again: if Trump is with the patriots in this country, how could he possibly still trust Dr. Fauci; and Is he unaware of “Vaccine Bill” Gates’s track record?  Who is advising the President on this COVID-19 farce? Why does he think anybody with a pea-size brain is buying anything Dr. Fauci says at this point? Does he not know we’re wondering why he hasn’t already fired Dr. Fauci who frankly has been wrong about everything?

We can’t wait much longer. Dairy farmers are dumping tens of thousands of gallons of milk every week, farmers are forced to destroy thousands of acres of crops. Tyson Food’s President said the US food chain is in danger of breaking down and shortages and higher prices are on the horizon as 10 Pork, Beef, and Chicken plants are shutting down across the country as I write this.

Americans are currently experiencing living in a soft police state. If we permanently accept any of these new edicts of control we will never get our country back! Accept nothing less than the freedoms that our forefathers fought to ensure for their children, grandchildren and every future generation of Americans. 

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