You think TP and other shortages are bad? YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET!

I was talking to a friend of mine last night and was informed that the wife CANNOT GET HER MUCH NEEDED MEDS.

The Pharmacy where they shop told them the other day that “there are no more of her meds….” That they don’t know when they will be coming in.

Folks, this isn’t a matter of “can’t find an aspirin.”

THESE ARE LIFE-SAVING PRESCRIPTION DRUGS to keep her alive. It’s obviously private, and I don’t know exactly what the meds do, or why she MUST take them but she must – MUST – take these pills.

She’s only got 19 days left of it. Pharmacist was very apologetic. Said he has NO IDEA when they will get them. Even tried to find a larger dosage that he could CUT for her….but there are none.

Guess who makes the drug? Pfizer

Guess WHERE they make the drug?

Folks, this is going to get WORSE than folks dropping dead from the vax.

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Folks who need certain – let’s call them “uncommon” drugs – are going to be left to die.

THEN they start taking the more common prescription drugs and do the same thing.

TPTB WILL achieve their goal of killing off majority of the planet one way or another.

They’re scared. Really scared.

And I’m afraid for them. SHE NEEDS THAT DRUG.

This is f**ked up


h/t Deplorable NO MORE Michele B


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