You want to know who actually runs Snopes? Prepare to be SHOCKED

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8 thoughts on “You want to know who actually runs Snopes? Prepare to be SHOCKED

  1. Thanks 4 the link, and the confirmation of what my gut instinct told me some years ago… I just thought that site (and the operator(s)) were more than likely just another opportunistic endeavor. I hadn’t even heard of them until a neighbor brought it up, and from what I know of said neighbor, I knew then and there it was a waste of my time. (which means it is a waste of truth seekers’ time)
    I noticed more recently on “googoonews” a link that said something to the tune of Donald Trump and a rape charge, and it was a link to “snoooops.”
    Needless to say, I did not even think about clicking that link. Most of the time I only review googoo to see what the M$M is pushing, then go find the real deal elsewhere. I call that due diligence.

  2. If it takes you that long to tell me I will find out elsewhere and use the time for fighting the good fight.

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