Young Turks: Biden Cannot Win

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There was a link posted in a different thread that lead to a Trump campaign short showing the Trump train careening by, followed shortly and slowly after by Biden on a railed cart speaking all sorts of jiberish. It’s hilarious.

Here’s the link:

While sharing this with a group of liberal friends, they denied that Joe had said these things. Now, I had previously seen a video showing him say it, but searched for a better quality one to present them with.

That’s when I came across one by The Young Turks. Personally I thought the all were in psych wards after their dramatic meltdown last election. I guess they are back at it this election year. Anyways, they talk about how creepy Joe is and discuss the clip of his jiberish….and go on to say (6:05) that “if Biden were the democratic nominee, that 100% he would lose to Trump, 100%”

I’m seeing another meltdown in their near future.




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