Your amazon store card is probably scamming you

by Underwater_Grilling

I noticed a weird charge in my statement that pays my amazon store credit card off. It’s listed as security 5. I didn’t know what it was but the amount kept going up as my card balance went up.

Called the number and the guy answered then danced around what the name of the company was and what they were charging me for. Eventually he slipped the word synchrony and that dinged in my head the bank that issues the amazon card. So i googled (all this while still trying to get this guy to tell me what this charge was for) and found that it’s an automatic form of insurance that you are put on when you open the card. It’s 1.66% of your balance monthly and you have to opt out by responding to a single piece of paper mail that gets sent sometime when you open the card.

Now im getting frustrated that this guy isn’t saying what the hell his company does when he just changes gear and says the full balance will be returned and the service stopped.

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It was over 1800 dollars since 2014

I’ll have it back in 3 days i was told but check your statements people.

Edit: even if you use the 0% for 12 months on large purchases (which is how i typically use my card) it still charges their fee every month

edit2: i had to go to amazons chat this morning as it was still showing as being active. the representative was polite and disabled it immediately, saying the refund will come in a 1-3 weeks credited to my card.


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