Your locks and doors are NOT safe! great videos about security and protecting yourself

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I stumbled upon this speaker and some of his, shall we say, expertise, and was enthralled.

It is especially useful if you are thinking about safety as far as locks and sharing information online are concerned. The op video as well as the following two videos are also really interesting and eye-opening about what you assume is safe, and how easy barriers and locks are defeated.

This first video is about many things, including how from a photograph, a clone key can easily be produced!

So, in other words, if you happen to allow a photo of your key to be made, or for whatever stupid reason, decide to post a picture of your key or keys online, someone can easily clone it and use it to enter your home or office, or whatever.

And, there is a lot more than just this in this and the following videos. You think your super secure door is safe? It can possibly be opened in seconds without a key. And, many other, extremely interesting bits…

I think this knowledge is really important, in order to stay safe and ward against possible black hats…

More great videos in the next couple of posts.

This next video is focused more on doors and securing a door against attacks. Also really worth the time to view.

Especially if you need to think about your security perimeter. It also goes into a bit of social engineering and how, through social engineering, crooks and con artists can get a lot of information that allows them to steal/rob from you or your loved ones.

I highly recommend taking a look at this (and the original op) fascinating video(s)

And here is a lot of info about how terrible many padlocks are and how easy they can be opened with very little skill (without anyone knowing).

Again, I am telling you, glp, this, because this information is out there and can be used against you. If you want to use this information to cheat or steal, fuck off–you’re scum.
This is to help prevent you or your family protect themselves.

This video shows you how 8 different padlocks can be opened in less than 10 seconds.




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