Your political party does not define you.

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by -TheTruthIsOutThere

I see this happening more and more at an alarming rate. People are latching themselves and their identity on a political party, letting it define who they are.

The two party system is designed to keep an artificial divide in America. “The Left” and “The Right”, “Alt Left/Right”, it’s all bullshit.

The DNC is not your friend. The GOP is not your friend. Trump, Sanders, Cruz, Clinton, Rubio, AOC, Warren, Paul, Biden, Pence, ETC ETC ETC

There’s people are not your friends. They couldn’t give less of a fuck about you, or your diehard support to their fake party. The more time you spend attacking your fellow countrymen, the less power you have against the establishment.

ALWAYS be critical of the sitting POTUS, regardless if it’s your candidate of not. Regardless of they’re a Democrat or Republican. Politicians are not on your “team”, and they sure as shit don’t have your best interest in mind.

Your political party doesn’t define you. You have no obligation to defend your party merely because you had to check one of two boxes.

When you see posts about civil war, separation of states and country, blue vs red, etc. THIS. IS. MANUFACTURED.The more the play into it, the more you’re dancing to the masters tune.

The more you attack each other, the more control you give them.


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