Your State is LYING To You. In fact, ALL 50 States Are Lying To Citizens and Here’s Why…

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Right now, the following info is arguably the most critical component in exposing the outright fraud that has been perpetrated onto the American people.

When someone gets a Covid test, they’re getting what’s called a PCR test. That test has to amplify or use “cycles” or “cycle thresholds” (CT) in order to look for the virus in someone. The more amplifications that are needed, the less strands of virus exist. Here’s the rub: Live Covid-19 RNA Is NOT found After 30 amplifications. At that threshold, there is simply not enough genetic material to cause harm or even be infectious. It’s literally inert (dead) strands of the virus, which now exist virtually everywhere. There’s a very high chance that the bottom of your shoes have dead RNA. This is very well established among a wide population in epidemiology.

So how many amplifications does your state use for PCR testing? Likely 40+. What does this mean? It means that the vast majority of all positive “cases” in your state are false. (likely 60% to 80%), leaving just 20% to 40% of the current reported cases that are true positives. The state’s health officials are banking that you’re too stupid to understand or care. Prove them wrong and share this information. Make your voice heard.




h/t Dr. Calhoun


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