YouShouldKnow: Fog of War is a real thing and currently being used right now.

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by Reking_Ball

Why YSK: In the current state of the world right now we are seeing stories come out from countries at war that can change or turn out to be false later.

This causes confusion amongst the public and may lead to people not knowing what to believe.

This is in essence the Fog of War, essentially countries will do this for many reasons but most notably to boost morale of their troops and citizens and to cause confusion and uncertainty with other countries that oppose them.

So understand a lot of things we are seeing right now in the news can change, develop over time or turn out to be false.

It’s best practice to consult multiple trusted sources and to keep an open mind with everything you see.

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EDIT: As other comments on this thread have correctly pointed out,

Social media is a big part of this as well. In fact within hours we can see unconfirmed news articles and videos skyrocket to the front page.

Even though countries didn’t originated these claims we can see how quickly propaganda can spead in favor of them.

So keep an open mind with everything you see especially with social media.

EDIT 2: In literal terms my use of “Fog of War” was wrong and a more appropriate term for my piece would be “War Propaganda.”

I was using “Fog of War” more metaphorically as in, “The lack of clarity in war.” But ironically i should have been more clear on that in my piece or just used “War Propaganda” instead.

Thanks for everyone who brought this up to my attention.

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