YouShouldKnow: You should question everything you see online.

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by vitoregalious

Why YSK: There are so many videos, images and facts on internet platforms. A lot of the time these videos are staged, or facts are attributed to an image that has no relation to the images original purpose. A glance at the comments on a post will show you just how many people lap it up without question.

The reason you should know is that it’s this blind belief that advertisers and scammers exploit daily. We are living in an age where companies have learnt how easy it is to manipulate us. By taking everything you see at face value you are opening yourself up to this manipulation. And basically opening up your wallet, and in some cases your values and belief systems.

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It’s quick and easy to do a quick internet search about anything to find out if something is likely to be true. Don’t be one of the people who comment how impressed you are at a particular post because this just adds to the claim and makes it more difficult for others to determine if something is genuine. It should be obvious not to believe everything you see online but it seems like we have started to take that for granted and have forgotten that lately.

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