YouTube Bans ‘Red Ice TV’ Channel With Over 330K Subscribers, 45M+ Views

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by axolotl_peyotl

The next casualty in the war for freedom of speech on the internet are the conspiracy veterans over at Red Ice Creations.

Sadly, there is a strong movement to silence any voice that is deemed “uncomfortable” or “controversial.”

This tendency to censor first instead of engaging in an actual discussion is one of the great failures of humanity today, and is hastening our descent into a new informational Dark Age.


via informationliberation:

Red Ice TV on Thursday became the latest channel to be sent down the memory hole by our ruling oligarchs in Big Tech.

The Anti-Defamation League on August 15 put Red Ice TV on what many have called a “hit list” of 30 Christian and right-wing channels they demanded YouTube ban for “anti-Semitism.”

Google-owned YouTube deleted a host of Henrik Palmgren and his wife Lana Lokteff’s most popular videos back on August 26 during their last banning spree but that apparently wasn’t enough to satisfy the ADL.




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