YouTube censors Rand Paul, senator accuses tech giant of becoming ‘arm of the government’

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Paul says he’s turning to other platforms like Rumble to upload content that YouTube censors

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul announced Tuesday he has been censored by YouTube, which he described as becoming an “arm of the government.”

“We’ve had two speeches taken down, and this last one was, I think, a short speech,” Paul told Just the News Tuesday on a conference call. “The access to the entire YouTube channel is no longer available.”

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A spokesperson for Paul explained that YouTube removed two of the senator’s videos and suspended his account from uploading videos for seven days.

After the first video was removed, Paul recorded a second video outlining the science behind his statements on cloth masks and YouTube removed that video as well.

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The conservative senator has steadfastly challenged Dr. Anthony Fauci’s approach to the COVID pandemic, from mandatory masks to vaccine mandates.


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