Biden’s Defense Department Ridiculously Plans to Spend at Least $850,000 Studying Pond Turtles

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As Americans struggle to pay their bills amid crushing inflation and a costly border crisis, the Department of Defense is spending billions of taxpayer dollars on frivolous “research” projects to advance the Democrats’ radical climate agenda.

The latest boondoggle involves wasting $851,000 to tag and monitor pond turtles at Edwards Air Force Base in Kern County, California.

b]The award ceiling on the project is $25 million, according to the DOD’s grant notice.

To this end, the DOD is soliciting grant proposals from researchers to do the following:
… Monitor pond turtles.
• Manage the habitats that support rare or sensitive flora and fauna.
• Do maintenance work at two ponds on base.
• Clean up trash.
• Remove stray animals.
• Exterminate or relocate “nuisance animals,” including coyotes, bears, mountain lions, raccoons and snakes.

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“Little is known about western pond turtle movement within Shuttle Pond and use of the surrounding desert upland area,” the base said in its statement.

It’s unclear how pond turtles enhance national security, but studying them is a priority for Biden’s DOD.

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