Youtube collapsing over pedo scandal – advertising being pulled from site en masse

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The video exposing the practice has earned more than 2 million views. Major advertisers like Nestle, Disney, and Fortnite creator Epic Games pulled their ads from YouTube, which deleted more than 400 channels and millions of comments in an attempt to crack down on the pedophiles.

The scandal has also left YouTube creators terrified of another “Adpocalypse”—YouTube lingo for the kind of event that tarnishes the site in the eyes of advertisers, and sends YouTube creators’ income plummeting.

Major companies pull ads from YouTube in wake of pedophilia controversy 

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“In response, YouTube deleted hundreds of channels, but for some advertisers it was too little too late. Disney, Hasbro, AT&T and Epic Games are among the first big companies that pulled their ads from YouTube. The companies described it as a “pause in advertising,” leaving the door open to coming back when YouTube has sorted out the issue.”

AT&T, Disney, Epic Games drop YouTube ads over concerns of pedophile comments on videos

Several big-name companies including AT&T and Epic Games, the publisher of massively popular online video game “Fortnite,” have pulled advertisements from the site over concerns their ads were running on videos of young children, primarily girls, on which pedophiles were making objectifying comments.

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In the video comments, posters often note the time of the video in which children are in the most exploitative positions while doing gymnastics, playing Twister or doing yoga.


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Adpocalypse 3 is BLOWING UP!


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