YouTube Experiencing Worldwide Outage – To Much Truth?

by Thinker


Users worldwide are reporting that YouTube is down for many people. The reason is not yet known, but reports are coming in fast worldwide. This is unusual for one of the most popular websites in the world. So far, YouTube hasn’t issued an official statement about what happened except to note that they are working on the problem. Although the site may have occasionally had brief issues in the past, being down this long is very rare. This is a developing story.…de-outage/

What will happen if YouTube permanently shuts down?

Your hypothetical is currently in the realm of imagination. Because there is no chance right not that YouTube will shut down. So, we have to imaging some fiction by which Google goes out of business. Frankly, if the situation is so dire that YouTube has to be shut down, I think that the world economy has more important things to be concerned about than whether these videos will still be available. But let’s ignore this.

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YouTube makes no promise of being an archive for video. Stuff that users upload is:…shuts-down

FLASHBACK 2013 APRIL FOOLS ARTICLE….After 8 years, YouTube is finally shutting down

No, not really. In celebration of April Fool’s Day, YouTube went all out with their (highly unbelievable) prank. Now some of you may be saying, “You’re one day early YouTube, it’s March 31st”, but you have to keep in mind that its April 1st in some countries already, like Japan. In its April Fool’s Day prank, YouTube stated that after 8 years, the contest that is YouTube, will finally come to an end come midnight, April 1st.

The video shows footage of YouTube’s offices where 30,000 staff members are reviewing ALL of the content that has ever been uploaded to YouTube. In the video, Tim Liston, the “Competition Director”, states that it’s finally time to pick the “winner”. He also says:…-31275907/


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