YouTube Has Terminated One Of The Best Sources I Have – Operation Name And Shame Has Begun – Alternative News Media Attacked For Asking Questions.

by Ruby Henley
I checked into YouTube this morning to update on the news.  My favorite reporter, Charles Walton, had been terminated!  I am in shock.  He has been reporting on the Florida school shooting and the Las Vegas Massacre – I guess he found out too much.
I then went to my second best source, Dustin Nemos, and discovered what is coming down the Tube.  Dustin is being censored, also, but his channel is still up.  The following video is from Dustin Nemos , and I hope you can watch it.
If the video has been removed here are links to inform you of Operation Name & Shame.  Dustin is fighting back, and he wants you to help.  He has started the group, Operation Name & Shame to research all the sources who are censoring YouTube reporters.  He has asked all you researchers out there to join him in fighting back against censorship.
The following is a chat room you can join:
Here is Dustin’s website:
Dustin has been reporting on the Florida shooting, also.
While he was doing a live chat, he was cut off.  Here is the video in which he talks about this:
I hope that the Alternative News Media finds some way to fight this censorship, but I do not see it as an easy battle.  We have reached the last stage in our battle between good and evil; therefore, we can expect it to be all uphill from here.
Snopes is doing its best to smear all those investigative reporters, who are reporting on the Florida school shooting.   I have to say each time I check  I find such a negative slant on the FACT CHECKING they do.  Alternative News Media never gets a break.  They always consider us to be wrong about everything.
The following is an example:
In fact, I know this is what has gotten Charles Walton banned from YouTube.  He had reported on David Hogg, just as Dustin Nemos had done. David Hogg is the young Florida school shooting survivor, who has been giving multiple interviews in MSM.  Now the only conclusion I can make is David Hogg has a protective shield around him. His father is a retired FBI agent, and I imagine he is off limits to criticism.  
The alleged school shooter, Nicholas Cruz, had posted multiple indications on social media he wanted to do just what he allegedly did.  Also, numerous reports had gone into the FBI on Nicholas Cruz, but somehow they failed to stop him.  It is no wonder this is being investigated by Internet sleuths, and now we are discovering some investigative journalists are being censored on YouTube for reporting on David Hogg.
I have reported on him myself, and you may read my report at:
Now back to Snopes.  There are several articles on the Florida school shooting they have posted:
Make no mistake about it, this is why great investigative YouTube reporters are being terminated.
“Far Right Blogs, Conspiracy Theorists Attack Parkland Mass Shooting Survivor
Disreputable web sites called it a “red flag” that the father of high school student David Hogg is a retired FBI agent.
On 20 February 2018, as a group of students from the Parkland, Florida mass shooting attack traveled to their state capitol to lobby for tighter gun safety measures, far right conspiracy blogs pushed increasingly hysterical claims that at least one of the survivors of the massacre was a “deep state” pawn.
For example, XXXXXXXXX posted a story calling it a “red flag” that David Hogg, a senior who survived the Valentine’s Day attack at the campus of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, volunteered during a CNN interview that his father is a retired agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigations as he criticized the Trump administration. President Donald Trump had accused the bureau of “spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign” and thus failing to follow up on warnings concerning the suspect, Nikolas Cruz.
Hogg, who has become a high-profile advocate for tighter gun safety legislation since the attack, said during the interview that: “I think it’s disgusting, personally. My father’s a retired FBI agent and the FBI are some of the hardest working individuals I have ever seen in my life.”
Another blog published a story calling into question that Hogg would be interviewed by CBS News less than a year after his footage of a friend’s contentious encounter with a lifeguard was covered by the network’s affiliate in Los Angeles — although despite new rumors about the viral video, no guns were involved. Conspiracy theorists and trolls alike heavily implied that a months-old video (despite the facts that he readily identified himself with the same name, that people occasionally travel across the United States, and that his family moved to Florida from Los Angeles) is somehow “proof” that he is a trained “crisis actor,” a baseless rumor that is inevitably pushed after horrific mass shootings:”
I left out certain passages in the report, as I did not want to mention an alternative news media website I truly respect and know reports the truth.
The Snopes articles ends with the following:
“Despite the presence of the Douglas High students in attendance, the Florida House voted on 20 February 2018 not to consider a bill calling for a ban on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines for firearms.”
We all know that the Left, including Hillary Clinton, are connected with the David Hogg crusade against the Second Amendment.  However, I suppose Patriots who support the Second Amendment should just keep their opinions to themselves.
David Hogg is not just an innocent survivor of the Florida school shooting; he is a means to attack the Second Amendment.  I will say that the Left has found their voice in David Hogg; however, Hogg did attack Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter.   I feel this gives me the right to fight back as a Trump supporter…whether Snopes thinks so or not.

We are actually being attacked for what we like on social media:
February 20, 2018 05:47 PM
Updated February 20, 2018 05:49 PM
A teen survivor of last week’s Florida mass school shooting has called Donald Trump Jr. immature after the president’s son liked some questionable tweets.
David Hogg, a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., and several of his fellow students have been talking to news media outlets about the grief and horror that they and their fellow students are suffering since the Feb. 14 shooting. They have also been calling out lawmakers for not reforming gun laws.
Two websites apparently aren’t buying Hogg’s activism and eloquence, claiming that Hogg, 17, is a “plant” who is being coached and scripted because his father is a retired FBI agent.
After Trump Jr. liked two of these tweets, Hogg called Trump Jr.’s peddling of conspiracy theories “immature, rude, and inhuman,” according to BuzzFeed News.
Here are some of Hogg’s tweets:

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I want to say that I am very empathetic to the horror of these shootings, despite the background which we are questioning.  It is the same in the Las Vegas massacre, as human beings were hurt and damaged for life…and I believe some did die.  
However, I also believe there were crisis actors involved in both shootings – it is what I believe after much research.
It is becoming too surreal to live in an environment where the “seeming” truth has to be questioned to its very core.  We can no longer accept the mainstream narrative we grew up accepting as reality.  In saying this, it actually comes down to what side conjures up this narrative and what side questions it.
The First Amendment gives us the right as Americans to question what mainstream media quotes as being the truth.  
We know we have reached a point in time in which we are obligated by God to question all men.  As all men choose sides in the battle at hand being fought between God and Satan, distinctly this questioning will become more apparent.  
Do we stop questioning the institutions of man like the FBI, the DOJ, or the MSM because a young person is the spokesperson involved?
They know this presents a challenge to morality, as no one wants to question a young man, who has survived a horrific school shooting.  That is precisely how they planned it.  We are walking on thin ice now, and we must tip toe through this fragile time.  Think before you speak, but speak as you practice your Second Amendment Rights.  We can never stop questioning the institutions of man, as they have proven themselves to be liars.


25 thoughts on “YouTube Has Terminated One Of The Best Sources I Have – Operation Name And Shame Has Begun – Alternative News Media Attacked For Asking Questions.”

      • You should blame the mental health worker at Henderson Clinic for NOT having Cruz Baker Acted on TWO different occasions!!! And the BSO were there at the same time and THEY SHOULD have Baker Acted him as well….no excuses for those two agencies for dropping the ball. Don’t just blame the FBI for their shortcomings….put the blame at the local level where they should have done their job and didn’t. They were there and saw the kid in person and did nothing while his mother was alive and he was battering her…. He would have been LABELED a mental case and then he would never have been able to obtain a gun legally…..

  1. Your story on Hogg at the bottom of todays reports has been removed. Also someone mentioned that his mother was a big shot at CNN or CBS. I wasn’t paying that close attention. Sorry.
    There is NO doubt the FBI is responsible for this as well as many other incidents for NOT following up good leads. Fry the killer and jail the FBI agents who refuse to follow up on the reports of these sick individuals PRIOR to the attack! Is it a CONSPIRACY of the Progressives to disarm us and eradicate us as Bolsheviks always do once they assume power?

    • Yes, it was removed due to the fact he is a public figure. I am ok with that, as I see this as something that could potentially bring us down. I don’t want to do that.,

        • I heard she waa a bigtime liberal….most likely a friend of Hillary Clintonl There is a short appendage I am going to do for this report…just add it here, as I am concerned if I do a report, we cannot publish it. I will add it in just a bit.

          • I wasn’t able to open your article about the Shooter drill just prior to the real shootin. It seems that a much higher % of real shooter events follow an emergency drill for years now! Many TIMES higher than statistically probable. Someone needs out to work out the Stats.
            I’d say most likely approaching if not surpassing a 1000 Times the overall suspected probability if one took how many school days per year overall in the USA and the amount of drills conducted annually and the amount of real shootin, compared to the shootings in the schools that have experienced them in the SAME day!

  2. I wanted to add this to the report, as it is a major development.
    In discussions of the ongoing battle over fake news, we often hear Facebook and Google criticized for playing a hand in spreading false information. And while both have made efforts recently to stem the spread of misinformation on their platforms, they’ve each had some major missteps.
    YouTube is talked about less often when it comes to fake news, though it isn’t short of scandals itself. Last year, a number of companies and groups pulled their ads once it became known that they were appearing alongside extremist content and YouTube has also had to deal with predatory comments on children’s videos, content falsely parading as being appropriate for kids and of course Logan Paul. But today, YouTube has stepped into the fake news spotlight. The number one trending video on the site earlier today was a video purporting to be evidence that David Hogg isn’t a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student but instead an actor paid to speak out during crises.

  3. All the way back in 1991, former US Navy Intelligence Briefing Team member Milton William Cooper wrote a book titled “Behold A Pale Horse” within which, on page 225, he reveals. the plan is to lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the antigun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd amendment.


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