YouTube is rigging their search results

They’ve been doing this to Mark Dice for months.

Now I search the exact title name of an old Stefan Molyneux video called The Horrible Truth About Barack Obama’s Presidency, it’s nowhere to be found. I scrolled and scrolled. Finally, 54 videos and one encyclopedia article later, it finally shows up.

Tell me, how is it I search the exact title name, and it’s not the first video that comes up? Try it yourself! Here is a youtube search for the video

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We are well aware that Youtube purged tens of millions of conspiracy videos (the best ones) a few months back. Now they’re rigging search results to show predominantly MSM links.


Youtube prioritizes MSM now. Unreal. If you search barack obama, this would never show up. Even the exact same title, it’s the 54th video down.


h/t AnonDidNothingWrong


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