Youtube now has government funding warnings underneath videos. They word it differently depending on the country.

Youtube now has disclosures underneath videos produced by government-funded outlets.

The photo has screenshots of the warning from different countries.

Some countries have it worded differently where it doesn’t sound as harsh:
[network] is a publicly funded [country] broadcaster

For other countries it says:
[network] is funded in whole or in part by the [country] government.
Examples: RTPressTV (Iran), Al JazeeraTeleSur (S. America incl. Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia)

The inclusion of the word “government” in some and “public” in others reflects a Western bias, IMO. The word “public” has an obfuscating effect where it almost sounds like it’s crowd sourced. The countries that are US-belligerents seem to all have the “government” wording, although completely obvious government outlets like Voice of America also have it.


BBC is funded by an annual government tax anyone with a TV is charged annually

PBS, NPR, CBC are funded through the government budget.

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